No New Friends??? Really?


As a young woman approaching a new age bracket, I’m beginning to see things a lot differently. Certainly I’ve always been a social butterfly in a sense but now I’m even more up for the challenge of meeting new people of all different walks of life. Of course I have a close-knit group of friends whom I’ve been around for years but I don’t like to subject myself to just them.

Socializing and networking with new people allows you the opportunity to grow as a person. A lot of people, mainly women, are catty about developing new relationships with other women.  Being closed-minded and stuck in clique mode is absolutely limiting. Life can quickly go into the doldrums dealing with the same people and same things day in and day out. How can you learn about new things such as events, jobs, or even hobbies if you exclude yourself from the rest of the world socially? Not saying become besties or girl pals with everyone you come in contact with but these same “strangers” could one day be your colleagues, business partners, spiritual advisers, clients, mentor, etc.

Drake says, “No New Friends”, I say, “Broaden Your Horizons”