Live for you!!!


Sometimes you just have to live for you and do you! Some people won’t like you for it but what I learned in my 25+ years is the one’s who matter in your life will roll with you however you bring it! People can be with you or against you but no matter what you gotta be you…. I may have a smart mouth sometimes, a little anti at times, talk too much at times, and a gang of other things. But I have a heart ❤ of gold and if I mess with you I mess with you for real and I have so many who can vouch for this. I have always did me without giving an explanation and stayed out the way of mess and drama. I like to associate myself with people who are on the same!! I’ve never had to force friendships or relationships!! I have people who accept me for me and want me in their life and they get the same from me. We may be different, and make different choices, and decisions but we still respect ourselves and others at all times!! If we don’t understand we gain some type of understanding. We don’t claim to be perfect just living life and doing us!!  If you don’t surround yourself with people who accept you for you, you’re losing!!!

Soulfully True

Time is Precious


Time is such a precious thing. You can either use time to your greatest advantage or you can waste it. It’s up to you to decide which road you will take when dealing with time. Sometimes we remain fixated on things or people who waste our time.

Not meaning to sound selfish but time is money. You have to be very selective of who and what you allocate your time to. In exchange for your time it is beneficial to gain something positive from the person or thing you give it to. Why would you involve yourself in something draining and invaluable to you? Your time could have been spent gaining something that will promote the betterment of you.

At some point of your life you should realize the downside of committing yourself to less than desirable situations. Why invest your precious time and energy into a dead-end job or relationship. At some point you realize if that job or relationship is for you. Why drag it out when you know it doesn’t satisfy you. The time spent trying to convince or force yourself to feel good about the undesirable situation is the time and energy that could have been used towards something or someone that is truly desirable to you.

Do not sacrifice your time for the sake of pleasing others or for the fear of the what ifs. Of course things happen and you may find yourself in a situation where you wasted a lot of time. The thing with that is when you know better you do better. There is always room to grow but be sure you learn your lesson from wasted time and don’t continue to make the same mistakes repetitively.

Time waits for no one and the time you put out you can never get back so be certain to make the situations you involve yourself in are absolutely worth your time.

Soulfully True

The Journey to Me

faithAs a growing, young professional it is awesome to be reminded that I am not alone in this journey of finding self. In my mind, everyone who is 30 and up or approaching it has everything figured out for their life. In that same mind, I see myself as the only one who is unsure and lacking a solid plan. Don’t get me wrong, I have goals, I am in school determined to earn a degree in my chosen area of study but I often find myself wondering is this really what i am suppose to do? Is this the correct path for me? Will I actually be good at this? What I have learned at some seminars I’ve recently attended is we all go through uncertainty in life. The important thing is not to drown in that uncertainty. Grab a raft and swim in it. Always set small goals for yourself to give yourself a reason to celebrate your successes. Even if you set a goal to eat out less during the month of April. When May rolls around you can celebrate that great accomplishment!! Setting small goals help you to feel better about yourself while working on long term goals. As long as you are committing to things to better yourself and others you are absolutely being successful. Do not ever measure your level of success to others or you’ll always feel inadequate which is a shame because you don’t know what others have been through to get where they are. Also, everything isn’t always as it seem. You may be down on yourself by comparing your success to your peers not knowing they may not have reached the level they aspire to reach.  Some people know how to fake it until they make it. They look successful and feel successful because they embrace their small accomplishments and have a plan even though they may be nowhere near completing it. All in all, we have to learn not to beat up ourselves for what we haven’t accomplished but celebrate ourselves for all of the greatness and small and large accomplishments we have achieved.