My love for words

words-letters-scrabble-text-722694.jpegI have always been infatuated by poetry. A fun way to express your thoughts, feelings, and emotions. Poetry is like a stress reliever in the form of a pen and pad. You can take yourself wherever you would like to go with poetry. Just you, your words, your thoughts, your pen, and pad on a journey to whatever heights you want to take yourself!!!

I’m Taking It Back

On my way to work this morning I was thinking about a lot of things that I have going on in my life.  Some of these things I deal with everyday. These thoughts do include negative situations that affect many areas of my life. These situations are not necessarily major but they’re things that I deal with daily. Honestly I try my best not to focus on these negative things because I know my time to move on from them is quickly approaching. I do get tired though and want to break down and want to wish certain circumstances away because they sometimes make me become a person I do not like. I find myself more irritated and caught in the middle of a lot of not exactly happy people. I have to put on a smile and keep myself positive but of course I have my moments.

I am blessed with friends and family who are good listeners to help me get through the tough situations. Thing is I don’t want to continue bringing my negative situations to people and I no longer want it brought to me. I’ve found that giving it too much of your energy takes a toll on your mind. I told myself I need more help spiritually. I need God to put things in perspective for me with the things I’m dealing with. He can and he will I just have to give him the wheel and receive the peace, wisdom, and strength that he has for me.I need him to work on my attitude and the way I deal with things.

I am for the most part a very positive person but I still have room for growth. I have a lot of things and people who I need to let go of to enable me to live a more peaceful and genuine life. In the midst of my thoughts I changed the radio station and a song called “I’m Taking it Back” by Shirley Caesar came on and I absolutely had a spiritual breakdown. She was saying that she is taking back her mind from all of the negative things. I broke down in tears because I truly needed to hear those words of encouragement.

We all have our own battle in this world be it small or large. We have to be very careful not to feed too much into them though because like everything in this world, IT TOO SHALL PASS. We cannot lose our peaceful mindset or strength when dealing with these battles. All I could do is thank God because I know I need to take it back (my mind). I can’t continue feeding into things and talking about things because it absolutely does not make it better. It actually causes more problems. I have goals I am working on. I’m a step closer to being in my chosen career field, I thrive to be a better mom,to become more spiritually in touch, a better example to others, a better friend and a host of other things. I have to keep looking ahead and not let negative situations take over my mind!! I’m taking it back! Soulfully True

Time is Precious


Time is such a precious thing. You can either use time to your greatest advantage or you can waste it. It’s up to you to decide which road you will take when dealing with time. Sometimes we remain fixated on things or people who waste our time.

Not meaning to sound selfish but time is money. You have to be very selective of who and what you allocate your time to. In exchange for your time it is beneficial to gain something positive from the person or thing you give it to. Why would you involve yourself in something draining and invaluable to you? Your time could have been spent gaining something that will promote the betterment of you.

At some point of your life you should realize the downside of committing yourself to less than desirable situations. Why invest your precious time and energy into a dead-end job or relationship. At some point you realize if that job or relationship is for you. Why drag it out when you know it doesn’t satisfy you. The time spent trying to convince or force yourself to feel good about the undesirable situation is the time and energy that could have been used towards something or someone that is truly desirable to you.

Do not sacrifice your time for the sake of pleasing others or for the fear of the what ifs. Of course things happen and you may find yourself in a situation where you wasted a lot of time. The thing with that is when you know better you do better. There is always room to grow but be sure you learn your lesson from wasted time and don’t continue to make the same mistakes repetitively.

Time waits for no one and the time you put out you can never get back so be certain to make the situations you involve yourself in are absolutely worth your time.

Soulfully True

Letter to my (future) Husband written years ago

Love is patient, love is kind!


Dear Love,

I know I’m not supposed to be looking for you because I know you’ll come to me when the time is perfectly right. All I can do now is wait patiently and work on myself. I’m not looking for you to make me happy all by yourself. I know I have to be able to make myself happy first. I’ve found myself in confusing situations when it comes to matters of the heart. I’ve been with guys and they say they love me and I say I love them but I really don’t feel as if they are the one for me. Don’t be discouraged, they all were just practice. I want to be loved flaws and all and I want to give you the same back in return. I don’t want to feel neglected or put down. I know you wouldn’t ever do that to me my true love. I want someone that’s my friend first and lover second. I want to be open with you. I want you to be a good listener so I can tell you how I feel whether it’s good or bad. I want you to have goals and ambitions, definitely wanting something out of life and not afraid to go for it. I want to feel as if you want me just as much as I want you not a one-sided thing. When I love I love hard and I need you to be worthy of my love. I’m a woman and I love feeling special. Please provide me with all the love and attention I deserve. I will always give my all and always make you feel like the man you are because you, the love of my life, deserve what I have to give. Baby we have to keep an open line of communication for without it I don’t see how we can make it. I know everything isn’t perfect but are you willing to work on it because I know I’m more than ready and willing. I know trust is built over time but you have to want to trust me and I have to want to trust you. Baby I don’t doubt you at all and I know we can make it if we try. I love you and I’ll see you in the future. xoxoxo Your’s Truly Soulfully True

The Past


It wont let me go

Trying to trap me in this time machine, I just wanna let go

It’s comforting but toxic the same

It’s a reason why it’s a closed chapter, something’s to blame

To have your cake and eat it too isn’t how it was written

Playing in the fields with wolves you’re sure to get bitten

It seems like you’re happy with your life so let me live mine

We can’t move forward and hold on, that’s not how it’s designed

I’m happy for you and this goodbye will be my last

I’m moving on with my future… You are the past.