Girls Trip in New Orleans

I don’t care what anyone says, you can never go to New Orleans too many times. The music, the food, the people… Just the overall culture.

What’s makes the big easy even better is a girls trip to the BIG EASY!!! We granted ourselves some much deserved time away from work & family life and just had a grand old time!

We ate, we drank, we laughed, we danced and um REPEAT yea just like that!! Let me give you a recap of what our girls trip New Orleans style looked like.



New Orleans packed on the heat but we were ready!!!

My favorite way to get around this marvelous city is via street car.ย I recommend you to jump on one downtown and it will bring you back to where all the action is once you are done.ย To get the most for your cash purchase an all day pass which lasts for 24 hours so yea get going!


Enjoying the famous New Orleans Street Cars


Enjoying the famous New Orleans Street Cars

New Orleans is known for their above ground burials. Earlier days it was a struggle burying the dead without the casket floating back up due to the city’s high water tables. The solution was above ground tombs. Pretty genius and such a sight to see in a sort of eerie way of course. Source:ย New Orleans Above Ground Tombs


New Orleans is famous for their above ground tombs

Throughout the city you can find amazing art. I plan to focus primarily on the arts my next visit to this wonderful place. Here are a couple that I found extraordinary.


Exquisite… Love at first sight!!



To help balance things out from a lovely day of exploring with one of New Orleans popular libations in tow, in our case, The Hand Grenade. Be sure to eat. With so much to choose from you should have no issue in this area. From gumbo to jambalaya to fried catfish. Yes anything you can think up they got it!!


Oh and don’t forget your beignet,ย one of the delicacies New Orleans is known for!! Um um good!!!!


So what is New Orleans without a little French Quarter & Bourbon Street action? Some consider it a tourist trap but I love it and all here for it. We even lucked up and caught a few parades!!


There is never a dull moment on Bourbon St. It truly never sleeps!!



There is never a dull moment on Bourbon St. It truly never sleeps!!

All and all my crew and I had a marvelous time. This was indeed a girls trip for the books!!


Until next time.

Love Soulfully True xoxox

Another Awesome Birthday!!

My birthday was Monday, August 24th and I must admit, I always have awesome birthdays. I save my money throughout the year so I can do fun things to celebrate me once a year. This year wasn’t any different. Although I didn’t start making plans weeks and months in advance and reaching out to a lot of people like usual, my spare of the moment plans turned out well. I enjoyed everything.

I had the opportunity to go to Los Angeles, California last week and it was everything I could imagine. Although it was kind of business related I considered it the kick off to my birthday celebration and made the most of my personal time as well. I did a little shopping, a bunch of eating, and some sightseeing. The sucky part about it was I was only there for a couple of days and I didn’t get to explore everything I wanted but I absolutely enjoyed the beautiful weather, palm trees, and the beach. I most definitely see myself making a trip back in the very near future.

When I got off of my overnight flight back home Saturday morning I got a couple of hours of shut eye and was ready to go. My first stop was to go enjoy juicy, succulent crab legs at the casino. My beau knows that crab legs are one thing that make me very happy so he made sure to include them in the days agenda. After crab legs I went to hang out with my family members. Of course that night including side aching laughs.

Sunday afternoon was my annual birthday brunch. I know I forgot to mention this one fact but here goes. My mom and I share the same birthday. Yes her water decided to break on her birthday when she was headed out to celebrate herself. I was ready to come out to celebrate too!! ๐Ÿ™‚ So basically my mom and I have a birthday brunch at this amazing restaurant in downtown Memphis, TN named The Majestic Grille every year. Just like every year it was an amazing turn out of family and friends. I waited until the last minute to tell my crowd but many were still able to show up and the ones who couldn’t sent their love and wishes! ๐Ÿ™‚ Later that day my grandma fixed me an awesome Sunday dinner which included a made from scratch strawberry cake!! ๐Ÿ™‚

The finale, my actual birthday fell on a Monday so I took the day off. It began as a lazy day of laying in bed. I received breakfast in bed so that was a plus!! I got up and did a little shopping until it was time to go get my daughter from school. We then prepared to go to my mom’s and I annual birthday dinner at Benihana (Honestly can’t beat the $30 birthday voucher they give you when you sign up for their birthday club). It was more of an intimate crowd (a party of 5) this year but as always it was awesome!! I enjoyed the food and the show the hibachi chef put on. Most of all I loved my company.

This birthday was very laid back and it kind of reflects my growth. I am usually in party mode but really wasn’t up for that much this year. Not saying I’ve completely retired the party scene just wasn’t feeling it. I appreciate the birthday wishes and love my family and friends showed me! Check out my pics from my birthday festivities!!:)


Fun in LA

FUn in LA

FUn in LA


Fun in LA

Fun in LA

Fun in LA


Crablegs!! My fave!


My mom’s & I birthday brunch!


My mom’s & I birthday brunch!


My mom & I at our birthday brunch!


My mom & I at our birthday brunch!


My beautiful daughter & I at the birthday brunch!


My mom’s & I birthday brunch!


Me with my girlfriends at the birthday brunch!!


Strawberry cake my grandma made for me!


My beautiful grandma and I


Me on my birthday! Dinner at Benihanas


My mom and my daughter. Dinner at Benihana


My little family!




Dinner at Benihana