Girls Trip in New Orleans

I don’t care what anyone says, you can never go to New Orleans too many times. The music, the food, the people… Just the overall culture.

What’s makes the big easy even better is a girls trip to the BIG EASY!!! We granted ourselves some much deserved time away from work & family life and just had a grand old time!

We ate, we drank, we laughed, we danced and um REPEAT yea just like that!! Let me give you a recap of what our girls trip New Orleans style looked like.



New Orleans packed on the heat but we were ready!!!

My favorite way to get around this marvelous city is via street car. I recommend you to jump on one downtown and it will bring you back to where all the action is once you are done. To get the most for your cash purchase an all day pass which lasts for 24 hours so yea get going!


Enjoying the famous New Orleans Street Cars


Enjoying the famous New Orleans Street Cars

New Orleans is known for their above ground burials. Earlier days it was a struggle burying the dead without the casket floating back up due to the city’s high water tables. The solution was above ground tombs. Pretty genius and such a sight to see in a sort of eerie way of course. Source: New Orleans Above Ground Tombs


New Orleans is famous for their above ground tombs

Throughout the city you can find amazing art. I plan to focus primarily on the arts my next visit to this wonderful place. Here are a couple that I found extraordinary.


Exquisite… Love at first sight!!



To help balance things out from a lovely day of exploring with one of New Orleans popular libations in tow, in our case, The Hand Grenade. Be sure to eat. With so much to choose from you should have no issue in this area. From gumbo to jambalaya to fried catfish. Yes anything you can think up they got it!!


Oh and don’t forget your beignet, one of the delicacies New Orleans is known for!! Um um good!!!!


So what is New Orleans without a little French Quarter & Bourbon Street action? Some consider it a tourist trap but I love it and all here for it. We even lucked up and caught a few parades!!


There is never a dull moment on Bourbon St. It truly never sleeps!!



There is never a dull moment on Bourbon St. It truly never sleeps!!

All and all my crew and I had a marvelous time. This was indeed a girls trip for the books!!


Until next time.

Love Soulfully True xoxox

Happy 2018

Hello Hello!!

2017 was not too terrible. The good, job transitions, business launches, engagement (Yes engagement, I’m a  fiancee). The not so good, the loss of a friend dear to me to a tragic accident. Outside of the tragedy, it was basically a steady year that flew by extremely fast. I am truly grateful for the newfound insight and wisdom 2017 left me with. However, I am glad for another year and a new beginning.

To cap the year off I got a chance to do one of my favorite things with one of my favorite gal pals. Paint and Sip!!! Yes, who knew that painting your own unique masterpiece could be so therapeutic. If you’ve never taken a paint class you must treat yourself. I have been to several venues who host paint and sip (you get to paint and enjoy a beverage, customarily wine, BYOB). For this outing I visited Pinot’s Palette. I loved the atmosphere and the hosts were awesome as well.

Check out some of the pics from our wonderful paint night experience:


Me with my finished creation


My bff & I enjoying our chilly night out


Our hostess painting that guided us through the night!


Looking forward to filling you in on some things and having you along for the journey of this new year. Please subscribe so you won’t miss a beat.

~Soulfully/Truthfully Yours~



Fun Day at the new Bass Pro Shop in Memphis, TN

So I finally got a chance to experience the new Bass pro Shop located in the Pyramid of Memphis, TN. No I’m not a regular outdoorsy type of person but I can’t pretend I didn’t want to go find out what all of the hype all of us in the city of Memphis has been waiting 2 years to see about.

The transformation of the Pyramid into the Bass Pro Memphis retail shop was a total cost of 113 million. It includes a hotel, a rooftop restaurant, a sky ride, bowling alley, aquarium and more.

The line was extremely long to ride the elevator to the top of the pyramid to see all of the before mentioned things. You also have to pay $10 to ride the elevator up to gain access to all of the top floor perks.

Although the top floor is a popular tourist spot, you can find plenty of “free” excitement on the lower floor as well. A river flowing through the ground floor complete with fish, a huge wall fish tank, a gun shop, food shop, and much more. Check out some of my pics:

bass pro

Outdoor View




Wild pigs (fake)


Sniper Mannequin


Me checking my aim. Yes it’s a bebe gun! 🙂


Fun on a 4 wheeler


My cousin and his son


My sweet daughter & I. I have to force her to take pics! 🙂


Some of the fish from the large tank


Elevator to the top


More fish from the huge tank


Fish in the river that flows through the ground floor


My daughter testing out a 4 wheeler



Summer Fun

My daughter, as all  kids are this summer, is all about going swimming and getting wet. I thought she had enough pool action from her week long vacation in Arizona. Obviously not. After a little research, I decided on a cool inexpensive spot to cool off from the scorching summer sun. It’s a little spot downtown Memphis in between Main Street and Adams near the trolley that is indeed a hidden gem. I’ve been staying in Memphis all of my life but never knew where this piece of water heaven was located. We had to park our car and walk the small distance to our destination. My daughter insisted on riding her bike which was fine with me. As we approached the spot, my daughter got super excited as she watched water splatter from different fountains all around. At first she was quite shy to dive in but after a while she could not get enough!! I’m glad she had a great time, a chance to cool off, and last but not least we didn’t spend a dime. Take a look at the pics. We will definitely be back!!