Be Well

I’ve found myself becoming anxious about many things. This anxiety at times transpires to agitation, mood swings, etc. Majority of times I am pretty happy go lucky but I have my moments when I just feel overwhelmed.  To be completely transparent, at times I feel sad even.  Yes me, the newlywed, the mother of 1 amazing girl, me, the superwoman. I am a strong woman but at moments I feel weak. Weak to the pressures of work, family, etc. Life can be vastly overwhelming. My thoughts and emotions sometimes take me to another place and I’m pretty sure if I don’t get a handle it can take me to a very dark place.

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Why must we always put on a strong face and consider it taboo to have a moment of weakness or uneasiness? The stigma of being viewed as unstable or looney, the pressure of living up to these perfect lives on social media, or simply the fear of feeling like a failure results in many people fighting mental battles alone. Sometimes one may think, “Oh it’s nothing, everyone goes through stuff” or “I don’t want to complain to anyone about  issues.”  What we all must realize is just balancing life is heavy. Even if you do it in a way that seems seamless and perfect to others the wrath of this roller coaster of life can be pretty draining.

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It’s also ok to feel overwhelmed and burned out but we do not have to stay in that state. Lets put this mental health stigma to rest and take care of ourselves. No sense of looking good on the outside if you’re not feeling your very best on the inside!

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Today I vow to put me and my mental first. Seeking help does not make me weak. Drowning in sorrows does.  I never would have imagined I would desire to seek professional help but my mission in life to help others I must lead by example and promote healthiness on all levels. My job offers EAP (Employee Assistance Program) where you can get up to five counseling sessions free a year. I just started the process and hope to see someone soon. It’s a must I keep my mind strong and I encourage others to do the same!!!

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Be well & stay true!!!


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