Lets Catch Up


Wow can you believe this year is almost over? 2018 has been a pretty great year for me. I graduated and earned my bachelor’s in May.

Graduation Day

In August, my love and I of six years had a wonderful budget wedding that I planned in 4 months, which I can’t wait to tell you more about (future blog post). This past September I got an unexpected promotion at work offering an increase in pay, new challenges and other rewards. So many wonderful things right?



Mrs. Coppages


The Coppages

As rewarding as 2018 has been this year has also been pretty emotional for me. I’ve learned plans don’t always go how you “plan”. I discovered the lack of authenticity in people, I begin to stop pouring so much of myself into people/relationships. Don’t get me wrong, I still nurture my mutually fulfilling relationships but the ones I am unsure about I started to not always reach out and see who still would. I’ve learned that it’s ok to grow apart from people even though you don’t want to grow apart and on the other hand I’ve learned the ones who don’t want to grow apart from you won’t. I’ve learned to love who loves me. I’ve learned to appreciate who’s there for me and not worry or harbor ill feelings towards those who aren’t. I’ve learned that unhappy people will never be happy for you.

I’ve second guessed myself, I’ve falsely assumed things. I’ve been wronged. I’ve been wrong. I’ve learned to appreciate the bright side of things. I’ve learned to speak my mind and be more expressive to things and people that’s in my corner instead of keeping things bottled in. I’ve learned to pull away from drama and chaos because once you’re pulled into it you’re a part of it.

I’ve learned that although social media is a wonderful tool it’s also one of the biggest tools of deception. I’ve learned the importance of unplugging from the virtual world often because the negative vibes can easily be internalized. I’ve learned to be more appreciative for what’s in front of me. I’ve learned to trust the process. I’ve learned to appreciate the highs and the lows. I’ve learned to remind myself that trouble don’t last long. I’ve learned that’s it’s ok to not always agree as long as what you take away from it is love and understanding. I’m choosing to embrace my realist but optimistic persona. I’m learning to really toughen up and get out of my feelings.

All and all I realized how blessed I am & I’m hoping to end the year out with a bang.  Loads of good vibes and making memories!




How has 2018 been to you thus far? Any discoveries, observations, or insights?


Soulfully True