Live for you!!!


Sometimes you just have to live for you and do you! Some people won’t like you for it but what I learned in my 25+ years is the one’s who matter in your life will roll with you however you bring it! People can be with you or against you but no matter what you gotta be you…. I may have a smart mouth sometimes, a little anti at times, talk too much at times, and a gang of other things. But I have a heart ❤ of gold and if I mess with you I mess with you for real and I have so many who can vouch for this. I have always did me without giving an explanation and stayed out the way of mess and drama. I like to associate myself with people who are on the same!! I’ve never had to force friendships or relationships!! I have people who accept me for me and want me in their life and they get the same from me. We may be different, and make different choices, and decisions but we still respect ourselves and others at all times!! If we don’t understand we gain some type of understanding. We don’t claim to be perfect just living life and doing us!!  If you don’t surround yourself with people who accept you for you, you’re losing!!!

Soulfully True

4 thoughts on “Live for you!!!

  1. Beautiful thoughts from a beautiful soul. I truly love women who are not afraid to be themselves and step outside the box, steps out side of the define line of life and live naturally happy. You inspire me to experience, to take chances and grasp hold of all possibilities. People are meant to inspire each other and words are the most powerful source. I have had the privilege to experience your many talents and ideas personally. Thank you for sharing your blessing, inner thoughts and genuine heart to the world. I look forward to all your upcoming master pieces. You have truly earned a spot on my top five must reads! Keep being Soulfully True.

    • You are such an awesome person that I have the privelage of calling friend, best friend at that!! Thanks for always being so supportive and that calm force in my life!! What I would do without you? I don’t even want to think about it!! 😘

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