Letter to my (future) Husband written years ago

Love is patient, love is kind!


Dear Love,

I know I’m not supposed to be looking for you because I know you’ll come to me when the time is perfectly right. All I can do now is wait patiently and work on myself. I’m not looking for you to make me happy all by yourself. I know I have to be able to make myself happy first. I’ve found myself in confusing situations when it comes to matters of the heart. I’ve been with guys and they say they love me and I say I love them but I really don’t feel as if they are the one for me. Don’t be discouraged, they all were just practice. I want to be loved flaws and all and I want to give you the same back in return. I don’t want to feel neglected or put down. I know you wouldn’t ever do that to me my true love. I want someone that’s my friend first and lover second. I want to be open with you. I want you to be a good listener so I can tell you how I feel whether it’s good or bad. I want you to have goals and ambitions, definitely wanting something out of life and not afraid to go for it. I want to feel as if you want me just as much as I want you not a one-sided thing. When I love I love hard and I need you to be worthy of my love. I’m a woman and I love feeling special. Please provide me with all the love and attention I deserve. I will always give my all and always make you feel like the man you are because you, the love of my life, deserve what I have to give. Baby we have to keep an open line of communication for without it I don’t see how we can make it. I know everything isn’t perfect but are you willing to work on it because I know I’m more than ready and willing. I know trust is built over time but you have to want to trust me and I have to want to trust you. Baby I don’t doubt you at all and I know we can make it if we try. I love you and I’ll see you in the future. xoxoxo Your’s Truly Soulfully True

Reap What You Sow


Is it true? What goes up must come down

The things you do comes back around

When you’ve betrayed someone’s trust is it true that someone might just try that on you?

At first i didn’t believe that saying but now it seems so true

When you really like someone it feels so good at first

Until they do something that makes your feelings change from good to worst

Why does it have to happen like this is it something I did in the past?

I feel really guilty for that but how long is this payback of the past gonna last

As long as it takes? I guess so

I now know it’s true you reap what you sow

Let it Go

growing apart

I know it hurts for you to let go because it’s hurts for me too

But to be honest, lately it’s also been hurting to hold on for me and you

The love is there but the pain, the stress, the complication is getting the best of us

You’re not doing all you can to help save us

This has been an experience, my patience has grown so thick

I remember past situations in my life that I’ve taken the exit door quick

Me staying here waiting for you is cheating me from what I deserve and that’s not what I wanna do

On a positive note I wanna stick it out and have more faith in us but the optimistic gets tired too!!

As a woman I’ve sacrificed what my soul is yearning on your promise to deliver

It’s like I wanna sail along but our boat is stuck in the middle of the river

One ultimate goal in my love life is growing together with someone and not apart

I know all good things don’t come easy but I don’t think it should be this hard

Yes we have great times, our existence is not misery

Right now it’s bigger than that I can’t live in the moment I live for long term growth actually

In other words, I’m positive but I have to look at the big picture

I’m all about improving the grey areas in life that’s actually how we differ

If you’re losing hope on life how can I stay strong and keep the hope for us

I need people around who help strengthen me like I do for them right now that is a must!!!

I know it hurts for us to let go but is it worth staying if we won’t/can’t grow?


Seeing Jazmine Sullivan in Concert


My best friend treated me to a concert Saturday night to see one of my favorite singers!! Seeing Jazmine Sullivan in concert was a wonderful experience. Her voice is heavenly. Some artists sound completely different in person than on the radio. She sounds exactly the same!!! If you ever get the opportunity to see her you will be in for a treat!!!!

My bestfriend and I!!:)imageimage

2 Sides to Every Story


You can’t always be so quick to choose
sides in other people’s battle. There’s always 2 sides to a story. Don’t convict a person solely from his opponent’s perspective of the situation. If you really want to know the truth investigate both sides!!! Would you want to be wrongfully convicted or judged based off of someone’s one sided perception of a situation? Don’t judge and do not assume!!

The Past


It wont let me go

Trying to trap me in this time machine, I just wanna let go

It’s comforting but toxic the same

It’s a reason why it’s a closed chapter, something’s to blame

To have your cake and eat it too isn’t how it was written

Playing in the fields with wolves you’re sure to get bitten

It seems like you’re happy with your life so let me live mine

We can’t move forward and hold on, that’s not how it’s designed

I’m happy for you and this goodbye will be my last

I’m moving on with my future… You are the past.

Finding Me

Featured image

On the outside I look so strong and put together to people. People say they look up to me and admire the woman I am. I am often put on a pedestal by some and just don’t always understand how I deserve such honor. Do they know I’m just a confused but determined person that’s trying to find my niche in this world. I’m not saying I’m fragile or weak but I feel like I’m in this world choosing dots to connect the puzzle of my life. I don’t know if the next dot I choose is the correct path to get me where I am trying to go. Truth is, I’m not sure if I even know where I am trying to go. I want to be successful, I want to be happy, I want to tap into my passion. Sometimes I wonder if I missed a key clue to the formula of my life. No I’m not complaining or feel like I have a jacked up life, I just feel it’s something out there for me to make me feel more complete but I really cannot put my finger on it just yet. I talk to a lot of people, take classes, read and utilize any other resource I can use to help me tap into self. I don’t know what I need to do but I sincerely want to get there. To the woman I am put here to be! My thoughts…. SoulfullyTrue