No New Friends??? Really?


As a young woman approaching a new age bracket, I’m beginning to see things a lot differently. Certainly I’ve always been a social butterfly in a sense but now I’m even more up for the challenge of meeting new people of all different walks of life. Of course I have a close-knit group of friends whom I’ve been around for years but I don’t like to subject myself to just them.

Socializing and networking with new people allows you the opportunity to grow as a person. A lot of people, mainly women, are catty about developing new relationships with other women.  Being closed-minded and stuck in clique mode is absolutely limiting. Life can quickly go into the doldrums dealing with the same people and same things day in and day out. How can you learn about new things such as events, jobs, or even hobbies if you exclude yourself from the rest of the world socially? Not saying become besties or girl pals with everyone you come in contact with but these same “strangers” could one day be your colleagues, business partners, spiritual advisers, clients, mentor, etc.

Drake says, “No New Friends”, I say, “Broaden Your Horizons”

Staying Positive in a Negative World

positiveSometimes you have to sit back and bite the bullet and realize it’s not always about what you decide to designate your focus on. What I mean by that is not allowing negative people and situations to get the best of you. Don’t focus so much of your attention on them that you become a negative, grouchy, or complaining person. You must never forget that everything you go through is just a chapter or page in your life that you get to turn and start fresh the next day or even the next second, minute, or hour. I deal with quite a few negative people on a daily and at the moment I can’t necessarily remove them from my life so I have to figure out a way to co-exist with them positively. Even when these people “try” to shame me or”try” to make me feel lower than them, I have to smile and control the tongue but still come out on top. Focus on strengthening you instead of letting the negativity drain the “you” out of you.

At this moment in my life I am shaking all the negative off and trying to get back to being the “me” that I know. I must admit I have let negativity push me to a place that I really don’t like. There have been moments where I cry, feel anxious, and just feel overall disconnected from everything. I know that is no way to live. You can not allow things out of your control to take you there. It is definitely unhealthy. You have to think of ways to change the negatives into positive. Figure out ways to improve yourself to help you handle negatives in a positive way because whether we like it or not negativity will always be a part of the world. Let me give you an example, I deal with a very negative, mean-spirited person in the workplace who loves to put you in a position to point out your flaws. I hardly ever get positive feedback from this person. True in life you will get criticized but in this case the things I’m criticized about the critic could use tons of work in those areas as well. Instead of grow she’d rather belittle. It ticks me off. On the other hand I have learned to accept that person for who they are because I cannot change them. I can only change my actions or reactions to them. Firstly, I cannot defend my flaws that they point out with the fact that they have similar or the same flaws because that doesn’t make it right. What I can do is work on the things pointed out and improve in those areas if there is indeed room for improvement.  When a negative person runs out of negative things to say to you they cannot win. Of course some will still try to turn anything you do into a negative. That’s why you have to use your mind and choose to smile at them and continue being the best YOU you can be and realize that some people are not happy within themselves so they will never be happy with you. With that being said, I’ve decided to keep my head up, smile, pray and meditate often, and try hard not to let negative people and situations get the best of me.